Wealthy Affiliate Rocks!

This post is an unabashed love letter about Wealthy Affiliate, the online business training program
that has taught me how to create and market this website.

About five years ago, I started a free blog, but quickly lost interest in maintaining it. Three years later, as I began to envision retiring from professional practice, the idea of developing an income-producing website entered my mind. I tried to put it aside, but to no avail. In a manner akin to having a pebble in your shoe, the wholesale jerseys urge to create a wider online presence kept nagging at me, until I could no longer ignore it.

Except that there was a little problem.

I’ve known for a long time that my spatial perception and visual-motor skills are pretty lousy; a differential abilities test that I took almost 40 years ago indicated below-average skills in mechanical reasoning and clerical speed and accuracy. I learned that I would never make it as an engineer, a computer programmer, or a secretary.

Driving at night can be a hassle, because my depth perception isn’t particularly good. Keeping accurate track of numbers and data is a problem. image Building anything from a kit – say, a small bookshelf or a simple 3-drawer plastic storage system – takes at least four times longer than the directions indicate. Complex recipes overwhelm me, and anything that requires manual logic throws me into a dark hole.

So, to build a website? Not a chance!

Until I serendipitously stumbled onto Wealthy Affiliate at the end of February 2016.


I had been looking for reviews on a particular build-an-online-business website that was recommended in a newsletter. The first (and only) review was both detailed and enlightening; the reviewer talked about the program’s strengths and then delved into its weaknesses and limitations. It was one of the most balanced reviews I’ve read about ANYTHING, and I was intrigued. At the end of the article, the reviewer encouraged the reader to check out his website, Wealthy Affiliate, to confirm what he was saying.

I did, and everything changed.

First, I was invited to spend one free week with the WA program. I could sample the wholesale nfl jerseys community, take as many courses as I wanted, and build Wholesale Nike Seattle Seahawks Jerseys one or more free websites on their SiteRubix platform. I signed up.

Next, I was invited to join as a Premium Member (the only paid membership available) for a one month trial, at a cost of $19. I did that, and by the third week, I knew I wanted to stay. imageAt that point, I was able to choose a $47 monthly membership (now $49), or a $359 annual membership. I chose the annual one.

A Premium Membership provides access to all trainings and classrooms, and enables you to build up to 25 free websites and 25 domain-based websites. Domains cost $10-15 each to purchase, but once you buy one, it’s yours, with annual renewals. There are no additional maintenance costs, although you can purchase upgraded technical tools if you want.

Details, details…

Joining WA is kind of like being enrolled in an online college program, with independent study courses (yes, they’re called courses, and each one contains several lessons) and smaller topical classrooms. But the resemblance to college ends there.

There are no grades, no deadlines, and continuous support. The owners – Kyle and Carson – have unlimited “office hours;” if you ask either one a question, it will be answered within a very reasonable time.

A deep bench of 24/7 tech support and help from fellow members comes with the site. imageYour questions to the WA community are typically answered immediately by more knowledgeable peers.

Tutorials and other training materials, written by WA members, are also available. Members who submit training materials (which you can do after 3 months of membership) receive small commissions whenever other members use their stuff; thus, you can make a little bit of money just by adding content to the site.

That would be enough on its own, but WA goes further, by offering three community-focused systems: (1) a network that enables members to follow each other, (2) a “pay it forward” ranking system that recognizes the top 200 Tarnawy members with the most visible community presence, and (3) an annual all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas for members whose websites bring in 300 new members per year.

The community network functions like those on other social media sites; members who follow other members are able to read and comment on the Top others’ site profiles and blogs.

The pay-it-forward ranking system, which is updated daily, is based on an elaborate algorithm Тренинг of members’ comparative performance with regard to helping, creating, and contributing within the community. Members receive an individual score in each category, and the three scores are then averaged to form a single ranked number. The Ambassador title is given to the top 25 contributors, while the next 175 earn labels that indicate either Top 100 or Top 200 placement. The ranks themselves mean nothing yet beyond a visual recognition of members’ site contributions.

The annual Las Vegas trip is a separate thank-you gift from Kyle and Carson that celebrates qualifying members’ sales prowess. The trip combines both work Home and pleasure, as part of the time is spent updating the WA site and modifying the company’s business plan.

Bottom line

WA makes no promises about how much money you’ll make, or how long wholesale mlb jerseys it will take. The most common prediction from members is that it may take one or more years before you’ll see any sort of regular return. Successful site participants proclaim, with all certainty, that if you follow all the steps, you WILL succeed.

I am now able to build a basic website, find and post free images, create images, develop content, use keywords and search engines, and locate appropriate affiliate sources for money-making purposes. Eventually, If I want, I will learn how to create uTube videos, write website modifications, and acquire other advanced skills that I can’t even imagine yet.

My own WA site contributions have earned rankings in the Top 200 and above. I regularly post blogs, offer feedback and supportive comments to other members, and provide tangible help as applicable. In addition to the recognition, my writing has visibly improved in both quality and speed of production.

imageI have developed online friendships with adults of all ages from all over the world, and I can foresee several developing into lasting relationships.

Even though I’ve been a slow learner in comparison to other members, the entire WA experience has been exciting and exhilarating so far. To say that I’m impressed is a gross understatement; I’m completely enamored!

Just Do It!

If you are interested in seeing what WA is all about, press the WA banner on the right. In no time, the amazing online marketing world will open up before your eyes, and it will be yours to explore!

If I can do this, then anyone can. Three key words: Determination. Patience. Persistence. If you’ve got those skills, then you will succeed.

I’m looking forward to sharing blogs, comments, information, and progress with you at WA.

Check it out!



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